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Vancouver, Canada

SansMinds Creative Lab


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From the creative team at SansMinds, we're thrilled to be able to offer you Stacks; an extremely practical and commercial way to make a stack of money appear at the end of your card routine.

Imagine putting the cards back into the box at the end of your routine. You then openly show the deck of cards in your open palm and with no get-ready moves, you visually change the deck into a stack of bills in the blink of an eye. That is exactly what Stacks looks like and your audience will gasp in amazement at this visual and truly magical looking effect.



  • Visual and powerful magic
  • Easy to learn and perform
  • 180-degree performance angle
  • 10-second reset


Stacks can be done in just one hand and is super easy to do. Your purchase comes with everything you need inside the box so you'll be performing this jaw-dropper in no time.

Please note: Television rights are not included with your purchase. Please contact SansMinds for television exposure enquiries

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