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Stick To It - Shahrui Nizar - The Online Magic Store

Stick To It

Shahrui Nizar
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One of the most crucial ways to make card magic strong, is to ensure your spectator understands their chosen card is 100% unique. 

More often than not, when magicians ask a spectator to sign a card, they worry about ruining your deck, so you won’t be able to play card games with it anymore. 

From our friend Shahrul Nizar in Malaysia, we bring you the perfect trick that takes advantage of this premise. Introducing, Stick To It

Not only can you make a card unique during your performance, but no one will ever have to worry about ruining your cards again. 

It’s visual, practical, and the gimmick is ready whenever you are. 

Finally, you can perform a unique effect with a spectator’s chosen card, without costing you a card every time. 

Product Includes: DVD + Gimmick (Blue Or Red Gimmick)