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Vancouver, Canada

Will Tsai

The Vanishing Ring

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“I love the clever design, ease of use and the endless possibilities this utility device offers. It’s a professional prop that will end up in my show and not on a shelf! This one is a real winner.”

-Shawn Farquhar

“I’m trying to hold back my excitement a little here but this thing looks like TV magic and you do none of the work to make it vanish. Let’s just say this is now in my live show.”
- Alan Rorrison

“Will Tsai has produced the cleanest and most impossible ring vanish of ALL TIME! Even Q from James Bond couldn’t have devised a better way to vanish a finger ring.”
- Paul Romahny


Everyone in the magic community has waited for so long! It is finally back! This time there is a duo option.  The duo set comes with 1 Black and 1 Red Ring Box. You get both colors at a lower price!

As a performer, we are always searching for the right tool to create real miracles. A magical effect that can mystify and enchant the audience.

What if you could borrow any stranger's ring and make it vanish, without ever touching it or even going near the spectator?

Imagine this, your spectator takes the ring off her own finger, she puts the ring into the box herself, touches it to make sure that everything is real, and closes the box. And that’s it. She opens the ring box again, and the ring is already gone. Wherever and however you make her ring reappear, is up to your own imagination.

The Vanishing Ring was specially engineered for a TV program by master designers from SansMinds Creative Lab. SansMinds loved this so much it took them two and a half years to 3D simulate and fine-tune all the details of the device. SansMinds has finally decided to share this with the magic world.

The carefully crafted, and intricate design of the Vanishing Ring does 100% of the work for you while keeping the ring completely safe.

Join the top celebrities around the world and allow this tool to enhance your next ring routine.

A professional device designed to serve the top professionals.

A limited release, so get yours TODAY.


What exactly is the Vanishing Ring?

The Vanishing Ring is a self-working versatile tool that allows you to cater the magic to your own routine. It’s an elegant, yet powerful device that allows you to vanish the ring and make it reappear any way you wish.

How easy is the operation?

It takes zero effort to operate the ring box. The Vanishing Ring allows your spectator to do all the work for you so you can focus on your presentation. Before you even get anywhere close to the spectator, the ring has already vanished.

What about the reappearance of the ring? What if I don’t have a routine?

Online instruction has included multiple routines to get you started right away. Such as ring to a sealed envelope, ring to tomato or kiwi, etc.

What color does it come in?

The Vanishing Ring Box comes in 2 different colors

  1. Crimson Red
  2. Onyx Black

What exactly does The Vanishing Ring come with?

You will receive…

  1. One (1) specially engineered ring box (Please select a color)
  2. One (1) customized training ring
  3. An online access code to detail instructions on how to use the Vanishing Ring, tips & troubleshooting, and routines

What is in the duo set?

You will receive…

  1. One (1) Black Ring Box
  2. One (1) Red Ring Box
  3. One (1) customized training ring
  4. An online access code to detail instructions on how to use the Vanishing Ring, tips & troubleshooting, and routines

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights


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