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Travelling Coins

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When J.B. Bobo released Modern Coin Magic, he defined a style that is as popular today as it 'has ever been. Dobby has used this classic volume as the foundations for his more refined style of coin magic and 'Travelling Coins' is his variation of the 'Travelling Centavos'. This is as direct a coins across routine as you could imagine - 4 coins jump, one by one, from your hands to glass in your other hand. See and hear them go. This looks FANTASTIC!

Teaming up with our friends at Arcana Magic in South Korea, we are thrilled to present 'Travelling Coins." The download is translated into English and has been handpicked so that you can be confident that you are investing in some truly wonderful magic.

This download is beautifully produced and the multi-camera learning experience (including first-person point-of-view angles) makes learning the moves and techniques a pleasure.

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