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Vancouver, Canada

Magic Pro Ideas

Unlock and Predict

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Unlock and Predict by Magic Pro Ideas

With this magic app you can do amazing magic tricks, unlocking any spectator's phone and then as a grand finale, you will have their passcode as a prediction on your favorite social media.

Unlock is very simple to configure and very easy to perform, you can learn to use it in just minutes.

The complete routine is done in 3 simple steps.

1st - The spectator will unlock your phone, that will be amazing!

2nd - Your will unlock the spectator's phone, it will blow their minds!.

3rd - Your spectators will see that you have posted their passcode, on your social media (IG, FB or TW), as a prediction! It will be a reputation maker!

You will carry your best trick with you all the time, to amaze anywhere and anytime, in a super modern way.

Within the app you will have step-by-step video explained tricks, and detailed instructions.

Unlock and Predict  is made by the creators of Anyweb and Contactum, a team of professional magicians who develop highly tested apps in real life, and are exclusively designed for professional magicians and amateurs alike.

Welcome to UNLOCK by Magic Pro Ideas.


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