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Vancouver, Canada

JH Hong


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Geniuses are made, not born. 

JH Hong, the genuine nerdy skilled magician has arrived.


Who is this under ground card master JH Hong?

He is an undisputed card freak in the Korean magic community who specialize in performing crazy visual card effect known to the human race. 

Urbanity is a debuting release by JH Hong. It is a collection of three hyper visual card-changing effects. On top of it, they all comes with fully finalize presentation you can use right away. 

 What you will learn?

1. Esquina change

2. Disparo change

3. Pincelero

Store Manager Note: 

This is a Streaming Video only. The gaff cards used in the trailer and the teaching is not supplied with digital purchase but it is not mandatory. 

The video supports multiple languages captions/subtitles. However we only offer English at this time. Please pick English in the “Closed Caption” option (bottom right corner) or nothing will show up. 

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