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Verve Deck

Verve Deck

Audrey Simon & Santi Caruncho (Erik)
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No frills, just elegance.

The Red Verve Deck is a stunning deck of playing cards that exudes luxury. Forget flashy colors or hidden card reveals, this limited edition Élan Rouge deck is enchantingly simple. It commands attention with its bold red color and handsome back design that is subtly one-way. Three stunning metallic inks were also used to create the faces, including the custom Court Cards, Aces and Jokers. Combine this with a single blank-faced card and you have a premium deck of cards that enhances any magic routine without being over the top.

Each deck is printed on premium quality card stock with a high-embossed Magic finish by the USPCC and comes wrapped in an embossed tuck box with foil printing.

The handsome Red Verve Deck is the epitome of luxury and class and belongs in the hands of any dapper magician, cardist or deck collector. However, only 5,000 decks were every created and most of that supply is already gone. So, act fast, before they’re gone forever!

Designed by: Audrey Simon & Santi Caruncho (Erik)
Limited to: 5000
Card stock: Regular
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: No
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: No
Includes matching jokers: Yes


The Verve Series
In 2012 Erik designed his second series of playing cards called the Verve Series with three colour variations - Elan Rouge, Brio Blue and Shine Yellow. 'Erik found inspiration for this design when he was watching a video of several luxury super sports cars.

He imagined what kind of deck of cards would he find in such cars. The design would have to be simple, elegant, yet exude richness and quality. A branded "leather" back design was the finished product. The Verve series is one of Erik's best selling decks to this day.