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Vancouver, Canada

Zee & PH

Zee & PH Live Lecture

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We did it!

After months of wearing them down, Zee and PH finally agreed to do a joint lecture together!

Zee is one of the best sleights of hand artists out there, and PH is one of the most creative minds in our era!

Watch and learn from 2 GOATS at once!

They will each share 2 effects/routines, and everyone will have a good time together!

We will start off with a quick discussion about the magic environment in the US compare to Korea

then Zee and PH will be sharing two effects each.

In between, we will have Q&A and little games for all the attendees to win some prize!

The material covered that day

PH will be sharing two amazing non-gimmick effects that day.

Nictophile & Ophen 0.5 received amazing feedback from the Korea magic community finally he will be teaching both of them in English.

Zee will be sharing two of his newest creation, Glycine Poker & Shirotsuke.

If you have trouble learning from Zee’s limited-time ebook, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to learn them live from the creator.

Livestream is now over.

You can purchase the download today.


**Please note that we have edited the lecture video to remove the giveaway section to keep the download for more concise.

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