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Vancouver, Canada

Morgan Strebler


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Throughout human history, people have used various methods to control pulses. 

What would you do if you had the ability to control not only your own pulse but also someone else’s pulse? 

Imagine yourself recreating the effect on any innocent spectator, causing their pulse to stop and technically die for a brief moment. 

An insane concept that no performer has ever dreamed of. 

D.O.A. is a revolutionized approach to achieve this miracle. 

Morgan Strebler, Mentalist of The Year 2015, has invented a devious method to achieve a pulse stop effect with no gimmick at all. 

This powerful routine simply kills.


"Morgan's pulse stop is fresh and interesting - It's a pleasure to watch and an even bigger pleasure to perform. Morgan shared this gem with me when we hung out in Vegas, if you're a fan of this plot I highly recommend you check this out." 

- Peter Turner

"This method is diobolical! This is the BEST pulse stop, hands down! Morgan has created a MIRACLE!" 

- Eric Ross

"Morgan's solution to the spectator pulse stop effect is a subtle, but extremely effective method that achieves a powerful effect that was only previously possible using suggestion. I love it!"

 - Dee Christopher

"Morgan Strebler is a true gift to Mentalism. His performance style and creations are truly breathtaking and D.O.A is no exception. D.O.A is Killer, literally" 

- Myke Phillips

"Morgan reminded me why I create when he first tipped his work on the pule stop with me. It was it's simplicity and the fact such a powerful effect has been made practically self working that really excited me." 

- Fraser Parker


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