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EVM is a group of young magicians who love direct and visual magic. The magic that people can understand and genuinely react to, even if they don't understand your language. And they are tired of what's happening in the magic scene.

Their goal is to show visual magic as it is, from start to finish; so that you know exactly how your spectators would see it. No tricks and misleading ads. No crazy reactions. Just the magic. 

After debuting Split and Thin Air in early 2020. EVM has been known as a group of underground magicians that challenges the status quo. 

Displace by EVM is about to shake the market again. A simple object to an impossible location done with no cover at all. 

1. A card is selected

2. A corner is rip off directly. 

3. Vanishes right on the spot.


4. Reappear in the selected card (sandwiched between the layers). 


5. Hand out the card for examination!

It is simple and CLEAN! Perfect for close-up and live performance!

Are you tired of all the overproduced magic trailers?

How about meaningless street shots and paid actors with overexaggerated reactions? 

Maybe a fake Morgan Freemann voiceover to make the trailer more dramatic?

If you say yes to any of the above, EVM should be on your radar. 


Format: Streaming Video Only. No material mention in the video will be supplied. 


Store Manager Note:

This is a DIY project. It will take about 5-10 minutes to a gimmick. Each gimmick is only one-time use. 

EVM is a group of young magicians from China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. They have opted to not use audio teaching and only use English captions and subtitles for the instruction. 


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