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Vancouver, Canada

Sultan Orazaly

Fade Out

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Fade Out by Sultan Orazaly Magic is a treasure worth finding.

But in order to find something, it must first be lost.

And we believe to have found what we're looking for.

From the brilliant mind of our friend in Kazakishtan, Sultan Orazaly, we bring you Fade Out; a direct and visual approach to finding your spectators card.

Imagine the molecules of the ink breaking down and sinking through each & every card until it lands on your spectator's thought-of card.

It's an ink effect that looks so impossible, you have to see if to believe it.

Format Options:

Download Format: Download video only. No material or gimmick will be provided

DVD+ Gimmick: DVD + 1 fully made gimmick included


TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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