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Vancouver, Canada

Sun Production

Fire Bullet

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Anyone would have imagined a gun firing from their hands.

And there have been many similar devices.

But there was no perfect device, and we were able to build one after long research.

The fire bullet is made to fit the shape of your hand as a perfect grip!

It is operated by a double switch method for the safety of performers,  and is designed so that the fingertips will not be damaged.

It is also easy to use and no tricks and moves are visible to the audience.

There are wing gripper for perfect aiming, and holes to use reel for sleeve.

Fire Bullet comes in 2 models and it comes left and right hand usage. 

Single shot - Right Hand or Left Hand operation

Double shot - Right Hand or Left Hand operation

Double version can be fired separately, and it can be operated very simply during the performance.

Fire Bullet double shot 

What's in the Box

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Disclaimer: Fire Bullet is intended for those 21 years of age or older. By purchasing using, operating, and/or performing Fire Bullet is understood to be at operator's own risk. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge consent and understanding of this message. 


Store Manager Note:

Please note that due to shipping regulation AA battery will not be included. You will also need Flash Cotton and Flash Paper (as the "bullet") and these items are sold separately.  The device itself doesn't appear to be dangerous, but we encourage you to be extremely careful as you are dealing with fire related items!


Fire Bullet

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