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Godly Vanish 2.0

Godly Vanish 2.0

Orko Guha
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Once thought to be only possible in videos.

Godly Vanish 2.0 by Orko Guha is completely different from Godly Vanish by Alexey Sviridkin.

Orko Guha teaches 3 different variations to complete this vanish. Each method has it's positive and negative.

To be completely transparent, we will tell you what 3 variations are taught in the download. The content is solely produced by the artist. No gimmick or material mention in the video is included in the purchase. 

The demo video is directly from his Instagram post here.

1. Pure Sleight of Hands 

Perfect for on the spot performance and no gimmick is required.

Skill Level: 

Audience management: 

Angles: 100 degrees

2. Social Media Set up (this is the method shown in the demo)

Perfect for social media and control environment. (additional material and set up required)

Skill Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Audience management: ☆☆☆☆☆

Angles: 30 degrees

3. Live performance Set up

Perfect for street and stroll around (additional material and set up required)

Skill Level: 

Audience management: 

Angles: 180 degrees



In early 2018, Will Tsai first showcased his In-the-air vanish in the SansMinds Creative Lab vlog. The insane slow-mo visual and gravity-defying moment of the vanish has caught the eyes of magicians worldwide. The essence hit the magic community like a storm and inspired many great minds trying to replicate this masterpiece. The original design of In-the-air vanish is still up in Will’s sleeve to this date. We have received hundreds of variations submitted to us asking for Will’s advice. One submission has caught our eyes because he figured out the first half of the equation of Will’s actual working with even simpler set up - the Godly vanish. The method behind is not only as ingenious as the original, but the simpler set up also makes it extremely easy to get into the effect and perform. With Will’s permission, SansMinds Magic has come hand in hand with Alexey to release the Godly Vanish in May 2020.

SansMinds believe all creators are standing on the shoulder of giants. Here’s a list of amazing creators who they believe deserve the credits as their work contributed to their process of creating this effect.

1. In the air vanish by Will Tsai

2. Slow Motion Card Vanish by Dai Vernon


It’s your time to vanish a card like a boss.

Godly Vanish 2.0 by Orko Guha will be an incredible addition to your repertoire!