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Vancouver, Canada


How To Dice Cheat Complete Set

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An underground dice cheating legend finally shares his most closely-guarded techniques.

In this incredible project, dice stacking world record holder Zonte teaching you everything you need to know about dice cheating. Even if you've never touched a cup & dice before, you can dive into this project. The easy-to-follow guided system will have you quickly mastering the basics before moving on to more complex manipulations.

You'll learn how to handle the cup, multiple ways to stack dice, manipulate the dice under your command so the right die is in the right place at the right time, and so much more. Whether you're just getting started or are an experienced dice stacker, there is something for everyone in "How to Dice Cheat."

This set comes with access to 3 online videos totaling nearly 4 hours of detailed instruction. The content taught in these videos is perfect for everything from live close-up magic performances to social media videos. Overall, you'll learn how to use dice cheating techniques as a form of entertainment.

Each set comes with access to the online instructions and 8 dice (4 each of 2 different colors).

You'll also receive a special dice cup that has been custom-engineered to be suitable for Zonte's competition act. Three different cup choices are available:

  • Gray raw practice cup (non-leather wrapped)
  • Midnight Black (premium black leather-wrapped)
  • LIMITED EDITION Canary Yellow (premium yellow leather-wrapped. Limited to just 100 units)

IMPORTANT: The techniques taught in "How to Dice Cheat" are extremely deceptive when done well. As such, they should be reserved for entertainment purposes ONLY.

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