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Vancouver, Canada

Morgan Strebler

Liquid Killer

9 Reviews
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Don't just bend metal, create art with it.

Over 12 years in the making... Learn the most visual metal bending routine in the world. 

Imagine being able to break a fork with the power of your mind. Cause the tines of the fork to twist and turn and leave your spectator with an impossible souvenir.

Completely practical to perform. Easy to learn.

You perform this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with almost any ordinary fork. No gimmicks.

You don't have to be a 'muscle' man to do this, the special technique taught makes the bending easy to execute.

This is NOT 'just another trick'... this is a COMPLETE Masterclass teaching you how to perform metal bending like a real PRO.


This is what the pros have to say about Liquid Killer.

“…he bends cutlery better than I do”

-Uri Geller (Metal Bending Legend)

“…it literally does what it says on the tin - kills.”

-Peter Turner (Master Mentalist & Creative Consultant)

“…he’s taken the fork destruction concept further than ever before…”

-Dee Christopher (BBC’s Killer Magic)

“…Morgan is back with his unique metal bending style but this time on steroids!…”

-Luca Volpe (The Italian Mentalist)

“…all I can say is Liquid Killer…is killer!

-Fraser Parker (Master Mentalist)


Get started with the Liquid Killer project instantly on stream to take your magic to a whole new level today. No shipping, no waiting.


What you receive:

- The Liquid Killer Online Masterclass

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