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Vancouver, Canada

Morgan Strebler

Mind Invasion

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No restrictions to Lighting, Positioning, or Tearing! 

Some say peeking is the mother of Mentalism. While many peeking techniques have restrictions tied to them, this one has been refined to allow for the most versatile performances possible! From the mind of Mentalist Morgan Strebler, this is a creation he has developed for himself, and after over a decade is now ready to share with the world! This is Mind Invasion! Have someone write or draw anything they want on a piece of paper, whether a symbol or a word, read their minds, and reveal what was written down! A peeking technique like no other! Learn all the techniques necessary and freak out even the toughest most skeptical audiences!  

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV rights.


This product is a digital download. 

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