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Vancouver, Canada


Modern Mind Reading Magic Z

5 Reviews

"Show me a trick!"

Is the question that ALWAYS catches us off-guard...

Then you usually proceed to do some boring coin trick or with the excuse "sorry I don't have any cards with me..." because you don't have anything prepared...

Now, we present to you the SOLUTION to that. Always ready to perform ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


In this project, you will find 10 incredible practical modern day mentalism effects that only use BORROWED  objects or stuff you can find anywhere. Use phones, wallets, mints, pens, napkins, and other everyday objects. It's EASY to learn and perform. Suitable for all skill levels.

Perfect for:

✅ Live Performances

✅ Live Close up/street magic


What the pros are saying about Modern Mind Reading Magic Z


“I am sure you will find some great ideas here” - Luca Volpe

“Clever, direct, and intimate mentalism” - Jacob Smith

“…incredible hands and amazing mind! - Mark Calabrese

“the kawaii subtlety is worth the project alone” - sleightlyobsessed( Andrew Frost)

“Zee's innovative way of polishing old principles left me shocked” - Sion


The 10 practical mentalism effects you will learn:

Gum Peek

- Use a gum pack as a device. Technically a 50 cent peek device! $1000

Peek Wallet

- Thanks to all those peek wallet makers for making shitty looking unstylish wallets which pushed me to come up with this

Apple Watch

-An incredible multi-phase mind-reading routine. (No, you do not need an apple watch to perform it)

Breath Mint

-100% Magician fooler


- Using any phone as a peek device!

College Tuition

- Casually demonstrate the nearly impossible possibility

Bunny Star

- Psychometry with a kicker ending.

Hello Bunny

- A few pieces of paper and a pen is all needed to trigger a heart-warming emotion.


- Inspired by Seance with slates performed by psychics back in the 20th century

Perfect Mental Epic

- Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic on another level



What you receive:

- Access to a Online streaming video instruction.

Learn it instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

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