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Vancouver, Canada

Orko Guha

Godly Vanish 2.0.

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The Best Card Vanish Just Got BETTER

Imagine being able to visually vanish a playing card at your fingertips and end COMPLETELY CLEAN, you can show both hands empty!

This is what a real card vanish should look like. Quick, Direct, and Impossible.

The method is completely different from the original Godly Vanish, this is made to look more IMPOSSIBLE for you to amaze on social media.

Over 800+ magicians are performing this impossible vanish

Completely easy to learn and perform. Very little sleight of hand required. 

Three different variations of this vanish are taught in this tutorial.

p.s. nothing here uses CGI or any video edits.

Perfect for:

✅ Social Media

✅ Instagram / Tik Tok / Facebook


What you receive:

- Streaming Instructional Tutorial

Learn it now instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

*No gimmick or material mention in the video is included in the purchase. You would have to purchase the secret to this effect which is readily available at any convenience store for less than $4.

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