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Project Z

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One move, endless possibilities!

Hailed as the next classic CGI level coin magic, this is a no gimmick, no fuss routine that only requires a coin! From the everyday repertoire of Zee, we at SansMinds are excited to introduce our latest worker series...

Behold the power of Project Z!

An in-depth tutorial that covers everything you need to know to get started with this coin technique! Not only does Zee go through various tips and techniques to help you improve your coin sleight, he also includes 8 high impact routines from his very own personal arsenal, which of course can be altered to suit your personal style!

If you love Blow Vanish or Coin to Pen, you will love Project Z!

What do you receive?

1 Downloadable/ Online streaming video

1 Exclusive bonus section from Zee available in the download only


TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV rights.

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