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Vancouver, Canada

SansMinds Creative Lab

Secret Loading Coin Pouch

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Secretly loads gaff coins or shell set with no sleight of hands

Smart function designed to do all the work for you


Many coin performers carry a pouch to hold their everyday working coins. 

SansMinds Creative Lab brings you the perfect way to carry up to 4 half dollar-sized coins, with also a devious function hiding right in the open. 

Not only does it protect your everyday gems, but it’s cleverly designed to let you secretly ring in a gaffed coin with absolutely NO SECRET COMPARTMENTS. 

By opening the pouch in different ways, you can either dump out 3 coins for your everyday 3fly or add in a 4th coin without the spectators ever knowing. Either way, your spectator will always see an empty pouch when they look inside. 

Secret Loading Coin Pouch is a carefully crafted coin pouch that can be clipped with your keys, or just fashioned on its own. 

It’s a weapon disguised as an accessory, so your coins will always be protected, and it’ll do the secret move for you. 

Keeping everything casual is key to a performance, and you won’t find anything that does it better than this.

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