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Shift is EVM's take on the classic Torn and Restore routine. 

The problem with the the variation on the market is that they look almost the same. A card corner gets restore back or a bill gets restore back. The same corner gets rip off  and restore back. It gets boring even for the audience. 

What if it can be something different?

In life, a lot of situations aren't perfect. To fix something, something else must be given up. 

Creative geniuses overs at EVM takes that premise and apply to a classic card routine. 

A corner is torn off right in front of the audience. The weird part is, when the corner restores, the other corner vanish. 

To take it a step further, the corner that was torn off matches with the missing corner. 


Watch the trailer for the full performance. 


Perfect for:

✅ Social Media

✅ Live Party Performances

✅ Live Close up/street magic


Learn it now instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

What you receive:

- Online Streaming Videos (not downloadable)
- English subtitle teaching


Store Manager note: 

You need to have an account in order to stream. (Please create an account at checkout). This is a DIY project, no material mention in this video will be provided. 


We believe in providing only the best materials to our customers and have been doing so for the past 10 years without fail. In the unlikely event you face any issues or concerns about the product, shoot us an email here , we will be more than happy to assist you and do whatever it takes to resolve any issues for your satisfaction!

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