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Vancouver, Canada

Will Tsai

Silent Assistant

7 Reviews

The revolutionary Silent Assistant device elevates modern-day magic to a whole new level.

Perform changes, vanishes, transpositions and so much more with this!

This is NOT 'just another trick'... this is an ultimate utility device made for modern-day magic that hides in plain sight, ready to astonish anytime, anywhere. 

It's probably the next best utility device after the PK Ring...

Not only does it stay hidden in plain sight, but this device also minimizes noise and eliminates 'suspicious' rings during live performances.

NO jackets, sleeves or any special clothing requirement.

Our 1hour+ of video instruction teaching 5 routines and 9 applications:

  • Coin vanishes
  • Coin/card transpositions 
  • Coin through bottle
  • Mini chop cup routine

... and many more

p.s. nothing here uses CGI or any video edits.

Completely easy to learn and perform. Very little sleight of hand required. The device does 99% of the work for you!


What you receive:

- The Silent Assitant Online Masterclass

- The Silent Assistant Secret Device

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