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Vancouver, Canada

Morgan Strebler


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Unlock any phone like a master hacker.

The mobile phone has become such an integrated part of our society, that many of us cannot go a day without it. Our entire lives are in our phone, and what makes us feel safe is its security features. Passwords and PIN's prevent strangers from accessing your phone, but what if you had a way to bypass that? SansMinds are excited to bring you the latest contribution to the magic community by Morgan Strebler.

From the mind that brought you Touched and Never There, here is another effect you can add to your repertoire. This is not just a simple magic trick. This is not just a simple mentalism trick.  This is unlike anything you have yet to see. We are extremely excited to introduce this very special SansMinds Exclusive!

This is Unlock! A set of 3 specially crafted techniques to unlock any phone like a master hacker, including a very special fingerprint unlock technique! Even devices with the latest fingerprint scanners will be no match for you! Borrow any unsuspecting passerby's phone, and unlock it right in front of them! Freak out your audience by bypassing security to their most intimate secrets, and leave them wondering how it was done! 

What do you get? 

1 Unlock Instructional Download


Store Manager Note:

One of the unlock technique requires Touch ID for iPhone or similar function for Andriod devices. 

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