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Vancouver, Canada

C Art

Vector by Rubato

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🔪Tear 🧨crumple ✂️cut
in Just one simple principle!
Imagination and application create the real magic. 


There are a variety of creative magic effects.

I have been studying them to create my own effect for a long time.

I always focus on how it can be an art with an emotional harmony as well as how it works.

I'm introducing this effect while expecting it will evolve in your imagination.



Online streaming video (not downloadable)

English subtitle teaching

You need to have an account in order to stream. 



Store Manager Note: 

The video supports multiple languages captions/subtitles. However we only offer English at this time. Please pick English in the “Closed Caption” option (bottom right corner) or nothing will show up. 

You will need to will additional supplies to construct the gimmick. One of the item maybe harder to find is the “Paper Cup” in the trailer. It is actually made with special crushable/restorable material so can only be found in a magic store. 

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