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Watch This

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A FISM guest and award-winning performer, Rex (Hynk-Suk Kim) is finally debuting his very first magic product release.

This is one of the staple effects in his award-winning routine.

Throughout the years,  many effects had been replaced in the act but this makes the cut every single time. 

In the instruction, Rex will go over how he incorporated this in his acts for competitions and performances in the last 7 years.


We are proud to present you Watch This

As it is a fashion item, Rex has put his sweat and tears into the design.

Luxurious design made to match with any outfit.


Magician notes:

-Watch is examinable right after the change.

- 5 seconds for set-up and anyone can easily do it.

- perform on the stage and close-up and even in your Zoom magic show


What is inside the box?

-The full set of the gimmick - the watch is included

**The watch is a gimmick watch and it does not function as a normal watch.

-Online instruction (Korean audio with English subtitle)

 -The size of the product is about  7x 5 x5 inches. 


Special note from The Online Magic Store:

The ad copy from the creator states it works with a close-up situation. Yes is true but it requires very good audience management and angle control.

We would recommend keeping at least about 2ft (60cm) away from the audience for close up. It will allow a wider performance angle.



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